Woods Maintenance Services, Inc., started out under its original corporate name of D & B Maintenance Service, Inc., as a janitorial maintenance contractor in 1975, reorganizing under its current name in 1997. In the beginning, our emphasis was on the daily and nightly maintenance of apartment buildings, condominiums, industrial parks and office buildings, with a minor workload of graffiti removal on their exterior facades.

In 1976 the company grew to include landscape maintenance and became licensed to perform high pressure washing and steam cleaning work for hard surfaces, as well as masonry cleaning. It was at this time, while we were members of the Chamber of Commerce that we helped to develop the Westwood Village Sidewalk Maintenance District, a program funded through property owners’ taxes to clean and maintain specific business districts.

As graffiti increased throughout the city (and country) a new division, Graffiti Control Systems, was formed to specifically address this out of control problem. Through trial and error and a great deal of research and beta testing, Graffiti Control Systems, became the first graffiti abatement contractor in the nation to utilize portable spectrophotometers in the field to computer color match paint, thereby setting a new standard for quality and timeliness.

Graffiti Control Systems’ sister company, Hydro Pressure Systems, is the largest licensed pressure washing contractor in the state, and for 43 years has been performing all manner of exterior maintenance for both public and private sector clients throughout California.

Having provided landscaping services to numerous clients over the past 25 years under our corporate name, management believed it was the right time to highlight our extensive experience in this field.  Thus Woods Landscape Services was born.

Woods Maintenance Services, Inc. can provide a full service Homeless Encampment Clean Up program. Beginning with the posting of notices, to picking up all waste and cleaning the site, to temporarily storing personal belongings and returning those items to the displaced people, Woods’ Homeless Encampment Services can do it all. Law enforcement and public agencies provide the security and social services, Woods’ crews will clean the encampment safely, securely, and with the utmost compassion.

Unfortunately, due to various economic conditions and a lack of available and affordable mental health services, homelessness has become a major problem for every city, county, and public agency in the United States. Everyone is impacted by this new reality. By allocating cleanup funds to a qualified company like Woods Maintenance Services, Inc., governments can do the critical work to begin to remedy this tremendous social and economic issue by working on the things that it can do best, while Woods takes care of the work we do best.

Municipalities, office buildings, industrial parks, individual businesses and homeowners rely on us daily to respond to their needs and restore their property to a pristine condition. Whether it is landscaping and irrigation, graffiti abatement, or weed, trash and debris removal, cleanliness is a highly charged subject. The public’s first perception of a facility, business or city is based on its initial and continuing awareness of how clean that area appears. If it is neglected, it encourages more abuse and fosters the broken window syndrome. Woods Maintenance Services, Inc., excels in immediate and professional response to any disruption to the cleanliness of the facilities it is charged with maintaining. And so it shall be for another 43 plus years.