Woods Maintenance Services is a full service trash, debris, and weed removal service. We provide maintenance services for various city and county agencies in all manner of the above services. We maintain everything from sidewalks and streets to flood control channels and railroad right of ways.


Graffiti Control Systems is a full service graffiti removal and abatement contractor. We maintain many city, county, and private properties throughout Southern California and Las Vegas. We use various techniques for graffiti removal and abatement including, paint-out via color match, chemical removal, pressure washing and sacrificial and permanent coatings.

Graffiti Control Systems is the largest state licensed graffiti abatement and removal contractor in the United States, serving more commercial businesses, city, county, and state agencies than any other contractor. Our services spread across a full range of graffiti removal, abatement, education, and consultation services.


Hydro Pressure Systems is the largest full service pressure washing contractor in Southern California and one of the largest licensed pressure washers in the nation. We are charged with maintaining many private and public spaces throughout the area.



Woods Landscaping Services has been tending to the landscaping and irrigation system needs of dozens of clients over the past 25 years. Recently, we re-branded this landscape business with a new name and logo to further promote this growing division.


In 2017, WMS realized there was a better way to do gum removal. Everybody is familiar with those ugly, black gum deposits that are all over sidewalks and walkways. Fortunately, Woods Maintenance Services, Inc. uses state of the art Dr. Gum machines to clean that eyesore in a quick and environmentally friendly way, using minimal water. WMS technicians dissolve the gum from the surface with steam and eco-friendly chemicals. This work does not require closing sidewalks and can be done at any hour of the day—it’s that unobtrusive.